We here at Vacking-Hoff Records are dedicated to providing the best experience possible for all your live sound performances. Whether you're playing at a party, a local bar or club, or wherever your live sound needs take you, we can be there to provide top quality live sound amplification.

            Our live sound setup consists of 4 vocals, 4 inst. mics, and 4 DI ins for amplified instruments. A 12 channel mixer, RTA, feedback controller, 2 mains, 2 monitors, and a snake. It is best suited for small to medium sized venues.

            Have your own PA? We would be more than happy to use any system you may provide on your own. Here, at Vacking-Hoff records, we understand that you may prefer to work with your own system and would rather use it. All we ask request is an advanced notice of the types of equipment that you will be providing.